Beijing Sheng and a billion is China famous brand design agency,
Haier group, perennial cooperation partner,China Central Academy of Fine Arts,
Huazhong Normal University and other colleges and universities teaching practice base.




在2011年成為中央美術學院、華中師大教學實習基地。同時,公司也是北京工業設計促進會、中國包裝設計協會等專業機構的理事單位。多年來,北京盛和創億多次得到國內外專家和領導的高度認可,歐洲設計協會主席Karin-Beate Phillips、中央美院院長潘公凱、中國藝術研究院設計藝術院院長潘魯生、中國國際貿易促進委員會前會長俞曉松等業內權威專家先后考察公司并題詞鼓勵。

Beijing S. H. Innovation and Design Culture Development Co., Ltd. is a design consultancy agency for brand image planning. The company has five sub-brands, namely S.H. Branding, S.H. Visual Album, S.H. Space, S.H. Gift, and S.H. Media. The company is located in 798 International Art Zone with strong artistic atmosphere in Beijing, with a design team of more than 60 people and registered capital of 1001 million Yuan. Beijing S. H. Innovation and Design is the outstanding professional design agency in China, and becomes the well-deserved leader in the graphic design field. By the end of 2017, the company has had more than 3680 premium quality cases, with customers across 19 provinces and cities; among them there are 15 top-500 enterprises and central government-owned enterprises, 18 major Ministries and several state organs, 68 listed companies and industry-leading enterprises, and 7 renowned universities.

The company features most in its emphasis on the implementation of expertise segmentation and brand image building, does not advocate hollow or broad CIS or VI design, and is more willing to provide the customers with genuine brand design services.

In 2011, it became the teaching practice base of Central Academy of Fine Arts and Central China Normal University. At the same time, the company becomes a member of Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Association, China Packaging Design Association and other professional agencies. Over the years, S. H. Innovation and Design has achieved high recognitions by domestic and abroad experts and leaders; Karin-Beate Phillips, Chairman of European Design Association, Pan Gongkai, President of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Pan Lusheng, Dean of Design Art Faculty of China National Academy of Arts, Yu Xiaosong, former President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and other industrial experts have successively looked at the company and offered encouragement with inscriptions.Yu Xiaosong, former President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and other industrial experts have successively looked at the company and offered encouragement with inscriptions.










Specialization: expertise segmentation

S. H. Innovation and Design is the first to put forward the concept of expertise segmentation in graphic design, wich is divided into multiple sections; each design team only focuses on one section, highlighting dedication and professionalism. It is guided by this concept that S. H. Innovation and Design create a large number of high-quality cases and win the trust and support of many customers,.

Genuineness: solid grounded with practical results

The professional proposition of S. H. Innovation and Design is solid-grounded design and the pursuit of practical results. A good strategy is hard to achieve, but it is even harder to conduct effective implementation. Too many corporate image designs excessively focus on form and the surface. A thick VI handbook brings little valuable significance for an enterprise. S. H. Innovation and Design emphasizes more on providing clients with real execution of design services to pursue the actual effects the bringing to the enterprise. This is the real reason why S. H. Innovation and Design wins the trust and respect from the customers.

Abundance: plenty of cases and profound experience

By the end of 2012 S. H. Innovation and Design has had more than 800 high-quality cases, with the customers across 19 provinces and cities, among which there are 15 of the top-500 enterprises and central enterprises, 18 major Ministries and several state organs, 68 listed companies and leading industrial enterprises, and 7 renowned universities. These figures fully support the absolute predominance of S. H. Innovation and Design in expertise and service experience.

Novelty: wide resources and new ideas

S. H. Innovation and Design pays great attention to the communication and cooperation in the professional field, going abroad for investigation, and employing well-known experts as consultants to take part in the industry exhibition, etc. Meanwhile, the company attaches great importance to the cultivation of professional reserve talents. For many times, the design director has been invited to serve the teaching duties by Central Academy of Fine Arts and other well-known art institutions. The company has become the practice base for Central Academy of Fine Arts, Central China Normal University.






After years of development, Beijing Sheng and a billion have a professional and stable design, planning team;
They are full of innovation and professionalism;
Most of them graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Tsinghua University,
20% of the designers are France, Britain and other overseas elite or expatriates;

We are concerned about the team's growth, attention Corporate Training and trade exchanges,
Determined to build a team that can affect the world;
We have the same ideals and values,
We use creativity to win the respect, determined to become the most respected design firms,

We agreed that the customer is our God, but always forget to do the customer's teacher,
We rooted in Chinese culture, we integrate the world's most advanced design concepts,
We have a wealth of brand planning, design, implementation experience landing.

We also have up to 10 people a professional team of consultants,
They are from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University professor and well-known designer;
According to the actual situation of the project and customer requirements,
We can invite experts directly involved in the project and chair.


胡永和 簡介/
2004年畢業于中央美術學院 視覺傳達專業

教學 交流/

視覺同盟//專業細分與核心競爭力 和視覺胡永和專訪
... ...


Hu and Introduction /
Beijing Sheng and a billion brand design agency founder, design director
CAFA professional teachers
China Packaging Design Association, China International Design Industry
2004 graduated from the Central Academy of Visual Communications
2014 Selected Culture, Ministry of Finance focused on creative talent pool
Many accept the "Packaging and Design", visual China, specializing
in media interviews and other visual alliance
A total of 110 domestic and international design competition
awards a number.

Teaching AC /
2012/2013/2014 years as CAFA Brand Design Course
Chinese designers dream - famous university lecture series
Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication /
School of Art at the University of Central South
University 12 / Hunan Normal University, etc.)
Beijing Institute of Finance and Trade
Experts on school-enterprise cooperati

Report /
Vision China // Hu and his "book on the
"Packaging and Design" // Design misund
Vision Union // "from the leader in cutting-edge" design
director and a million Beijing Sheng Hu and Interview
Braised design // design, simple - Hu and the "List on
Vision Union // specialization and core competitiveness
and visual Hu and Interview
Design Design, China // excellence
China // Road on the books on the art of design
Beijing Evening News //... ...

Books /
"Book on the best," "the wonderful send you"


標志釋義 Meaning of the logo



3、水滴外圍用多個S將其包裹,線條流暢,色彩絢爛,呈現出太陽的意象,寓意作為服務行業的設計企業,設計師的服務意識、服務態度十分重要, 要用陽光、熱情的服務為客戶帶來美好的視覺和心靈的體驗。同時也象征盛和創億企業的蓬勃發展。

1.The logo comprises of the initial of the company name S. H. Innovation and Design as the basic elements. Color and shape changes represent multicultural integration and multi-business development.

2.The inner blankness of the logo imitates the modeling of the moment when water is dripping, representing the company’s emphasis on creativity and the edge, passion and inspiration the designers show in their work.

3.Around the outer side of the water droplets are surrounded by multiple S’s with fluent lines and gorgeous colors, presenting the image of the sun, symbolizing the importance of the designers’ service consciousness and service attitude at the design company in the service industry; services with the warmth of sunlight brings good visual and spiritual experience for customers. And at the same time, it stands for the vigorous development of S. H. Innovation and Design.

盛和創億-品牌含義 Meaning of the brand

億者,大也 生生不息,大道無窮。(來知德《易經集注》)
億者,安寧 心億則樂——《左傳·昭公二十一年》
億,數之極 追求完美,具足完善;眾志成城,億兆同心。
億,易,一 道生一,一生二,二生三,三生萬物。一為萬物之源。

YI means boundless. An endless succession of reproduction, and boundless general principles. (The Collected Notes on Yi Jing – Lai Zhide)
YI means peace. A peaceful and calm heart is happiness. – Year 21 Shaogong, Zuo Zhuan
YI means the ultimate number. The pursuit of perfectness produces the perfect and the unity of all converges into strength.
YI means and one. Tao gave birth to the one, the one gave birth to the two, the two gave birth to the three, and the three gave birth to ten thousand things. And the one is the origin of all things. Thai-chi creates 2 Positions (Yin and Yang). The four combinations of the 2 Positions are called 4 Symbols, and the combination of the four symbols in different order creates 8 Diagrams. Simplicity is the embodiment of Thai-chi.

Vision: Pursuit: to be the most esteemed creative company,to become the cultural and creative enterprise with world influence
核心理念:專業 分享 務實 自信
Core idea: loyalty, professionalism, happiness, sharing
管理理念:信任 分享 嚴罰
Core idea: loyalty, professionalism, happiness, sharing
服務理念:客戶是上帝 我們是老師
Service concept: customers are the god, and we are the teacher
價 值 觀:客戶成功,公司才能成功;公司成功,自己才能成功;同事成功,大家一起成功
Value: the company can only be successful when customers succeed; one can only be successful when the company succeeds; the staff can be successful when colleagues succeed together.


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